Democrat Honor Roll

Eleven Democrats broke with their party and voted against H.R.1. They voted against mortgaging my children’s and grandchildren’s future and for that I am grateful.

  • Bright
  • Boyd
  • Cooper
  • Ellsworth
  • Griffith
  • Peterson
  • Minnick
  • Kratovil
  • Kanjorski
  • Shuler
  • Taylor

Please show them your gratitude with a phone call or e-mail.

(Hey, I’m also pretty dang proud of the House Republicans; all voted against. The only bi-partisanship in evidence on today’s vote was against passage.)


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19 responses to “Democrat Honor Roll

  1. bill

    You have got to be kidding?!
    Where were your concerns about your grandchildren when Bush was busy borrowing more money than All Other Presidents combined?

    Your tax cut tax cut tax cut mantra is OLD HAT! Don’t you realize that you lost? The American people are Sick and tired of your class warfare!

    They elected Obama because they finally woke up and realized that you guys were the Problem and they wanted a Solution!

    Keep on with your Conservative Crap and your grandchildren will still be under a Democratic administration!


    • paulag1955

      I actually opposed the lack of spending constraints under the Bush Administration, Bill, as did many conservatives. Though this may be difficult for you to understand, conservative does not necessarily equal Republican.

    • paulag1955

      I wonder why I write responses…does anyone ever come back and read them?

  2. I’m with you on this one. Shows some hope!

  3. It is nice to see Democrats with common sense who do seem to realize this bail out is not the answer but only a short term fix. My governor is against any type of bail out as he feels it will only cause more damage to what already has been done not resolve it. We need employers to begin hiring again and get out of their panic mode. The problem we are having with that is employers still feel the bottom is going to drop out like a safety net because the stock market has yet to stay stable.

  4. Join the crowd, Paula. 🙂 They just come and visit, hurl stupid comments and made up stuff, then leave and move on to the next person they wish to bully. Good post, thanks for the list. We’re in this together!!!

  5. “Bill”, Class Warfare?? From the side that invented the concept! Yeah, probably best you mosey along, Kos is missing one of it’s steers.
    Or are you in fact a disgruntled GOP “New Center” type?
    “Hmmm, maybe if we go along with Democrats, they’ll like us and we’ll get more votes…”
    Funny how you twist things in your twisted mind. “Funny” I say, but look at all the people you fooled. Just over half. Guess what?
    We’re the OTHER half that didn’t get fooled. And we’re educating the rest despite you trolls.

  6. We need to use operation #mtp to thank these eleven MCs. They did the right thing today, and they may suffer for it.

  7. John in CA

    Uh huh. Rumblings are that Shuler is considering run for NC Senator vs. Burr in 2010.

  8. bill

    Hey guys, who said I was going anywhere? Not going to “mosey along” Erick, you can do that.

    Paula, appreciate your response. I did come back to read it. I don’t know if you are a betting woman, but I would wager you ten to one that many of the Limburgers who solidly voted against Obama today will hurriedly, tail tucked between their legs vote for the final stimulus bill once they hear from their constituents.

    Polls show that 71% of the public is for infrastructure spending. Nobody but the Hapless Saps who suck up to Limbaugh take the tax cut crap seriously any more. Your boy Cantor and Co. made up the OMB figures on how much would be spent from the stimulus and when. If you watched Keith of course you would know that.

    Obama has a Mandate from the majority of the American People behind him.

    By the way, Moms4 Sarah Palin, how did the Crusader against government waste justify charging the people of Alaska for per diem travel allowances for 300+ days when she was at home on those 300+ occasions? I missed that. Did she ever pay the income tax she owed on that money? Could you check, please?

    • paulag1955

      Thanks for coming back, I appreciate that.

      Do you mean Keith Olbermann? No, I never watch him. We don’t have cable TV. Can you please give a reference for the 71%?

  9. Bill,

    Just wondering if you have actually read the bill, Bill. Because with my limited education, I have read it and there is nothing in there to make up in regards to how much and when the money will be spent. It is in plain English.

    You mention our President having a mandate from the majority, and, although he did receive a majority of the votes, he still remains the minority’s President as well. Just because we didn’t vote for him doesn’t mean we don’t count.

    Every legitimate poll shows the majority of Americans are against this bailout. President Obama’s majority of election votes were mainly votes for change, not socialism. They didn’t want more of the same in terms of spending, and that is what they are getting.

    I would encourage you to take an objective view of history on the differences economically between tax cuts and borrow/spend solutions. As President James Garfield stated, “History is the unrolled scroll of prophecy.” It’s pretty clear.

  10. bill

    Troy, I would encourage you to mind your history! How Socialistic is it to take over the banks? It was just a few weeks ago that your boy, George Bush apologized for his Socialistic take over of the banks! He mumbled something about having to do something Uncapitalistic to save capitalism! I guess that make him a real capitalist, huh?

    Another thing Troy, I encourage you to take an objective view of the US Constitution. It says “Majority Rules!” Like Obama said, “I Won!” Get over it, cry baby.

    PS, Paula, the 71% figure was from a newscast yesterday on MSNBC. Not having cable is no excuse. You can watch him on the Internet, but I have to warn you, he exposes all of the Right Wing, Konservative BS to the world! You might not like what you see.

    • paulag1955

      Okay, Bill, I’m approving this comment because you probably wrote it before you saw my reply to your last comment. I welcome your comments, but they do need to be on topic. We are not discussing President Bush here. One other thing, I don’t like it when people call each other names, so please refrain. It’s just a little quirk of mine.

  11. It’s a typical response. No need to respond, Paula. There’s no way to have a healthy and respectful debate with anyone like that. Sad, really.

    Have a great day!


  12. If you would like to see another typical response that I received regarding something going on here in Texas, check out my blog and the posts titled “A Needed Response” and “Every Texan’s Call to Rise.”

    It was pretty fun for a while, but, like always, their responses are rooted in shallow personal attacks and zero tolerance.


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