Smarmy Politician, Lying Loser Or Both?

Smarmy politician? Lying loser?

Smarmy politician? Lying loser?

The Seattle Times hosted an online Q&A session yesterday with King County Executive candidate, Dow Constantine. I’ll admit that the question I most wanted to ask was, “Why are you such a smarmy jerk,” but the site cautioned that personal attacks weren’t allowed. Today’s news (here, here and here), however, raises the question again.

Why smarmy? How else do you describe someone who’s willing to cover his own sorry rear end by lying about a colleague? How else do you describe someone who’s willing to risk lives and property for the sake of a ferry district that serves primarily his own constituents? I mean, what’s it to him? His district isn’t in much danger of flooding.

More importantly, does a guy who’s willing to strong arm his colleagues on the King County Council  over a questionable issue such as the Vashon Island foot ferry have the temperament to lead King County through a budget minefield largely of his own making?

Random thought: Constantine has “denied” the charges of vote trading, but he has not “refuted” them. If it’s true that the e-mail in question “was one line in many, many e-mails and it was just between me and one of my staff people in a moment of frustration,” then he should release the many, many e-mails that paint a clearer picture of his support for the flood district. Not that it would actually prove anything; one hardly needs to exercise one’s imagination to picture a politician who’s willing to sacrifice a worthy project on the altar of a pet project.

Considering that three other Council members have corroborated Lambert’s contention, it’s highly unlikely that Constantine can get himself off the hook. Facts: easy to deny, hard to refute.


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2 responses to “Smarmy Politician, Lying Loser Or Both?

  1. Brittneyboop

    I am so glad you used the word smarmy! It was a perfect term for him!

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