It’s All About Me! Me! Me! Says Queen Christine


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9 responses to “It’s All About Me! Me! Me! Says Queen Christine

  1. Nick

    Awesome post, love it.

    And yeah, Christine rarely wants what the people want.

    Hence her 31% approval rating.

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  3. The question is moot, since the state of Washington can opt out of the reform.

    The AG is wasting tax payers money…I thought the GOP wanted to SAVE taxpayers money.

    • paulag1955

      The state could – but won’t – opt out as long as the Democrats are in control in Olympia. But the real point is the AG swears to uphold the Constitution of the United States and would be remiss in his obligations if he were to ignore actions he deemed to be a threat to the Constitution.

  4. 2TownSquares

    That woman is a NUT!

  5. Well said! Who does he represent, indeed!

    I can hardly wait to vote Murray out in November and I am virtually drumming my fingers on the table waiting for the opportunity to support Chris’ conservative opponent for ’12.

    • paulag1955

      I’m waiting to see if Her Royal Highness runs again or – even better – if she runs, if she faces a primary challenge. It’s no secret that Jay Inslee has his eye on the governor’s mansion. Although if he’s defeated this year, his prospects in that arena may be dimmed.

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