James Watkins-Jay Inslee Debate (WA-01)

Video of the entire debate from Monday, October 18, 2010.

Part 1/11; Opening Statements

Part 2/11; Is Inslee going to run for Governor?

Part 3/11; Taxes

Part 4/11; Earmarks

Part5/11; Immigration and Term Limits

Part 6/11; Jobs

Part 7/11; Health Care

Part 8/11; Wall Street Reform

Part 9/11; Social Security

Part 10/11; Special Interests

Part 11/11; Global Warming


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2 responses to “James Watkins-Jay Inslee Debate (WA-01)

  1. DCG

    re: run for governor, Inslee you ARE are a professional politician…dance around an answer and never answer the question. Then take a jab at Bush. This man makes me sick…

    And he’s never “been there for me”. Heck, when I call his office he’s never returned my call, and his staffers never tell me how’s he voting, always “not decided at this time” which is a LIE. Vote him out!!

  2. James, you truly RAWK with your bad self, baby! Thank you for running what is truly an incredibly disciplined, fiscally responsible and exciting campaign! I am honored to know you my friend! Thanks for sharing and exposing Jay Inslee for the slimey, weasely, career politician that he IS! Now it’s all the way to the finish line! With Ivory Soul & Support, May Palmer, The Queen of Ivory Soul!

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