Dear Uncle Sam: Pretty Please, Keep Track Of My Medical Records

This is awesome! I think the federal government is exactly who should be in charge of medical records for hundreds of millions of people. They’ve proven their worthiness time and time again. Here’s just one more example.

And keep in mind, the FAA is only tracking a few hundred thousand airplanes, roughly 1/1000th of the number of people whose medical records would be tracked in a government database. I don’t think it takes an aeronautical engineer to see that the potential for disaster is astronomical.




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7 responses to “Dear Uncle Sam: Pretty Please, Keep Track Of My Medical Records

  1. Why couldn’t this happen at the IRS?

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  3. When I was growing up, the local Navy Hospital used to lose our records. And that was just one building! Fortunately, they have a much better system in place now, but it’s still a pain to access them, and it takes a month to get a copy (no exaggeration).

  4. FallenTree

    Thanks so much for writing what I’ve been telling people for months.

    Just look at the WIKI govt. records being exposed (and they were classified) & then look any VA hospital & see how our veterans are treated. It’s awful!

    need to read a book out that’s a thriller where Americans actually take a stand against tyranny (FBI/CIA fight it out). I recommend it.

    Also consider how the govt. ignores any FOIA request as they will us with our own records & how they will share our records with hospitals/bank loans/doctors etc.

    Again, thanks for getting this article in the public domain.

  5. DCG

    We can only hope that Congress tries to repeal this madness in the next two years…otherwise we are going to have a major disaster in place.

  6. I use this off-topic to desire a wonderful New year, peace, love and success. God bless the America

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