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Chris Van Hollen: 2010 “Could Have Been Worse”

I guess unless you find yourself Earthbound on the wrong side of the rapture, things could always be worse but doesn’t the fact that this is the happiest face he could put on the Democrats’ election results speak volumes in itself?

From The Other McCain:

Dude. You just got a historic ass-kicking. You lost 63 seats. Republicans just scored their biggest House majority since 1949. And you still think Obama’s got the winning formula? Are you even listening to yourself when you spout drivel like this?



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Stand By Your [Men]

Patty Murray is a faithful foot soldier of the Democrats. (I know that technically, she’s part of the Senate leadership, but you never really see or hear of her leading on anything so, yeah.) She votes with her party 96% of the time and while other Democrat incumbents are distancing themselves from the President and Obamacare, Murray was only too happy to welcome the President to Seattle (Twice! And Michelle! And the Veep!) to campaign on her behalf and even claim authorship of the health care abomination.

In fact, the Democrats are so confident that Patty will be standing by her men that they didn’t even feel a need to mention her in one of their last rally-the-voter e-mails. She reminds me of that girl who’ll do anything to win the guy but he can’t quite remember her name. So sad…I think she needs help.

Be a part of the intervention; vote for Dino Rossi.


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A Midterm Blowout

Shane D’Aprile tells us that 50 or more Democrat seats are set to change hands. Please, God, let some of them be in Washington.

James Watkins, WA-01 (Jay Inslee*)

John Koster, WA-02 (Rick Larsen*)

Jaime Herrera, WA-03 (Open, Brian Baird retirement)

Doc Hastings*, WA-04

Cathy McMorris Rodgers*, WA-05

Doug Cloud, WA-06 (Norm Dicks*)

Steve Beren, WA-07 (Jim McDermott*)

Dave Reichert*, WA-08

Dick Muri, WA-09 (Adam Smith*)

Dino Rossi, Senate (Patty Murray*)


Washington has one of the more left-leaning Congressional delegations. It’s not too late to make a contribution of time or money.

More from Allahpundit writing at Hot Air.

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Too Good Not To Share

As The Other McCain says:

If Marco Rubio doesn’t close the deal for you here, I don’t know what more anyone could possibly say:

I admit to being a faucet so, yeah, I teared up.


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Jobs Americans Won’t Do: Campaigning For Patty Murray

As I noted here, the Murray campaign appears to be critically short of foot soldiers. How terribly inconvenient.

Fortunately for the Senator, this is another one of those distasteful jobs that Americans won’t do, but illegals are only too willing to take on. And at no cost to the Murray campaign! “Illegals for Democrats” is a project of OneAmerica Votes. Can you guess who tops their list of candidate endorsements?

And why not? Murray strongly supports “comprehensive immigration reform,” which is leftist-speak for amnesty. The way Democrats are salivating over this potential new constituency, amnesty is a near-certainty should they retain their Congressional majorities.

Off topic, but still interesting to note:

There are some Democrats who OneAmerica Votes rather conspicuouslyy failed to endorse.

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The New Puritans Strike Again

Leave it to The Other McCain to cover all the politics-related bikini stories floating around.

Does anyone really care that young, attractive women wear bikinis? Do the New Puritans really want to go there, seeing as the strategy was such a miserable failure in Massachusetts?

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Learn About Politics And Support Patty Murray!

Patty Murray is advertising on craigslist for campaign workers…for the kinds of positions I always assumed were filled by hordes of ardent volunteers.

I know the polls show this race to be very tight, but I’ve been noticing the lack of Patty Murray signs in my area for weeks and wondering if it signified a lack of enthusiasm or merely that it’s no longer fashionable to wear your liberalism on your shirtsleeve.

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Thanks, Patty…Way To Boost The Economy

The Murray campaign is panicking (what I wouldn’t give to see their internal polling) and calling in all the big guns from the other Washington. President Obama will arrive the Seattle area again today to help boost her campaign but not the economy.

As reported by Meg Coyle of King 5 News, Kenmore Air has been grounded for the duration of the President’s visit. Company president Tom Banks (the only president mentioned in this article with real-world experience creating jobs) estimates they’ll lose $50,000 in revenue.

Not to mention the added costs for the City of Seattle for police coverage (which should, of course, be paid by the Murray campaign) or to US taxpayers to cover the President’s travel expenses.

There is a price to federal taxpayers for any presidential visit, including the costs of operating Air Force One and of the Secret Service agents who accompany the president.

Under federal rules, the government must be reimbursed for the costs associated with purely political events. That means political campaigns get billed for some of the flight costs of the president and his staff (except for Secret Service agents), at a rate equal to the cost of a commercial flight. (That doesn’t come close to covering the actual cost of operating Air Force One, which was estimated at up to $58,000 an hour in 1998.)

In a case like Obama’s Seattle trip, which includes both official and campaign events, a political campaign is typically billed for half the cost of the president’s travel and lodging, according to a report by the Congressional Research Service.

And the President’s “offcial business” on this trip? A backyard chat about the economic issues facing women. Surely that’s worth a few hundred thousand dollars to the taxpayers.

Update 1: Dan Riehl weighs in.

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Vandals Support Democrats

I had the opportunity to pass by the defaced campaign signs that Bryan Myrick first reported on. The first thing I noticed was that the Dennis Richter signs, which were mostly intact in Bryan’s photo, had been destroyed. Someone had also added a hand-lettered sign: “Vandals Support Democrats, do you?” (Sorry, no photo…I was driving.)

It’s also worth noting that the destruction isn’t limited to just this one location; The location in these photos is just north the King-Snohomish county line, but I’ve heard it’s happening all over King County.

How very sad and pathetic is it when the best way someone can think to support his candidates is to vandalize their opponents’ campaign signs?

(Photos by Eric Allan)



















Update 1: From the Richter campaign. (This is a Facebook note, so I’m not sure if everyone can see it or not.)

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Polls: Angle vs. Reid; Rossi vs. Murray

Just out of curiosity.


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