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Mere Coincidence Or Divine Retribution?

If you live in King County, Washington, you may have seen that some Metro buses are carrying a very special Christmas message.


Just as they did last year, with their obnoxious display at the State Capitol, the Freedom From Religion Foundation has chosen a sort of oafish insensitivity over reason as a means to make their statement of faith. Why else would they choose to paraphrase a much-loved defense of the faith and joy of the Christmas season, if not to offend Christians? (I notice that FFRF picks their targets carefully; I didn’t see any similarly offensive ads during Ramadan.)

But just like there’s no guarantee in the U.S. Constitution that life will be free from religion, there’s no guarantee that it will be free from offensive louts who think they’re being clever when really they’re just being boorish.

That’s why I just have to smile when things like this happen:


Heh. This is the front of one of the buses carrying the FFRF ad. Apparently, it was involved in a little “incident” with another vehicle this weekend. So I ask you, mere coincidence or divine retribution?


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