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Going Fishing

As outlined by the Purple Avenger at Ace of Spades HQ, it’s been a rough few months for environmental extremism.

Despite public protestations to the contrary, even the most fanatical disciples of the Church of Global Warming realize they’re losing the battle for public opinion in regards to climate change. What’s a zealot to do?

Fishergirl in Bikini

Hot chicks in bikinis are casting around, too.

If Al Gore and the other snake oil salesmen had actually based their belief in climate change apocalypse on now-questionable data, you might expect them to be at least a bit relieved that perhaps Earth was to be spared, rather than doubling down on the stupid. If, on the other hand, they were more concerned with wielding near total control over every aspect of your daily life than in the possibility that Denver might become a major seaport, they might start casting around for a new crisis that could be attributed to rising levels of CO2 in the atmosphere.

Thank Gaia for a new cudgel, ocean acidification, which will be brandished to subdue the unruly automobile-driving, electricity-consuming, breathing mobs.

During a December 2nd, 2009, Climate “Science” Hearing, Washington’s very own Jay Inslee recounts a heart-warming encounter he had at the University of Washington with a young man global warming denier, of whom he asks , “Look, if you’re right and there’s no global warming, if you’re so right, what are you gonna do about ocean acidification? What do you say about that?” (If you’re allergic to insufferable, condescending jerks, fast forward to 2:32; living in Inslee’s district, I can attest that the rash is quite bothersome.)

I find it absolutely astonishing that Inslee would treat a tax-paying citizen of the United States with such disdain, while treating John Holdren – a man who, during the 70s, proposed forced abortions; mass, involuntary sterilization; and even compulsory marriage or adoption for unwed mothers as a way to avert another imminent crisis threating to destroy the Earth – as a respected expert. I may be overly critical, but I think Holdren’s creds are in question.

The oceans may be becoming more acid but, just as with global warming, the snake oil salesmen need to show first, that human activity has significantly contributed  to the problem and, second, that human efforts can significantly improve it. Until then, keep casting, guys.

Bonus hot chicks. (Maybe NSFW and, yes, I’m angling for blog hits.)

Update 1: Stacy McCain explains how, She Puts the Fin in Fine.

Update 2: Jimmie Bise opines that he doesn’t get out fishing nearly often enough.


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