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What’s The Matter With Yu?

A 15-year-old and two companions beat and steal the wallet of a beloved local figure who later dies of his injuries. There are witnesses, but no one will cooperate with the authorities. As a result, the 15-year-old is sentenced to 36 weeks of juvenile detention. A few months after his release, the now 16-year-old participates in another robbery plus beating. Thankfully the second victim survived.

Someone who has the sense with which they were born might think that the the teen should receive a longer sentence for his second offense, assuming that the first sentence wasn’t adequately instructional.

King County (Washington) Superior Court judge Mary Yu would beg to differ, feeling that a nearly identical sentence would, inexplicably, return a better result the second time around. This is the same Mary Yu who felt that a 6-month jail sentence, with a work release provision for school attendance, plus two years of her personal supervision were adequate punishment for a man who lured at least four teen girls to his home so his father could rape them.

What’s that definition of insanity again?

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