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Leave It To The Times

Regardless of the fact that a mob of 500 baseball bat and crowbar wielding longshoremen stormed the port in Longview, Washington, took and held hostages, cut brake lines and dumped grain, the Seattle Times has chosen to illustrate the story with photos and captions depicting law enforcement as the aggressors and the longshoremen as peaceful protesters. One photo, depicting a protester standing on the tracks in front of a locomotive, is clearly intended to evoke memories of Tianamen Square or maybe Washington State’s liberal darling, Rachel Corrie.

To be fair, the Times news article covering the disturbance reported the facts much as I’ve recounted them here, relying on their bevy of low-information readers to skip all the nasty words and head straight to the photos.

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WSRP Endorses Initiative 1125

Bellevue, WA
– At the August 25th State Committee meeting in Moses Lake, the Washington State Republican Party voted to endorse Initiative 1125.

Initiative 1125 will ensure tolls are used only for projects they are collected for and the toll will end once the project is complete.

WSRP Chairman Kirby Wilbur said, “I-1125 will require state government to stay fiscally prudent and has the added benefit of requiring elected Representatives to set the cost of tolls – not unelected bureaucrats.

“It’s important that we hold Olympia accountable and 1125 does just that.”

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