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What Were They Thinking?

Fox news roomToday Fox News revealed a bizarre, newly restyled newsroom and Twitter reacted. As Jenny Erickson said, “Fox News, and let’s face it — you’re mocked enough as it is. You hardly need to bring it upon yourself.”

My favorite description of the new technology came from The Verge:

Smith later demonstrates a gigantic 38-foot-long video wall with a device “never been used in broadcast television before.” It’s a remote control that allows Smith to shuffle through an image carousel with no apparent journalistic purpose. “For instance, I can take this lady who’s been evacuating from a hurricane zone and move it over here,” Smith says.

All I could think, when I saw those newsroom staffers in the background sitting at those ridiculously large touch screens was, “Where’s Edith Ann?”



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How Stupid?

Here’s the question: How stupid does one have to be to disqualify one’s self from employment as an anchor at CNN? The answer, apparently, is “pretty damn stupid,” as demonstrated by Carol Costello this morning during coverage of the D.C. Navy Yard shooting.

On the off chance that the powers that be at CNN think this does disqualify Costello, my dog Shasta is available as a replacement. I think her IQ would match up favorably with Costello, and she looks great on camera.

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To Sum It Up

Yesterday I posted about the efforts of ABC News to shape the narrative of the Trayvon Martin case. Today, someone sent me this graphic that sums up the news media’s treatment of the case. And just about every other news story, for that matter.

Thanks to @cflancop for the perfect graphic.

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In Which Bill Maher…

Inexplicably hopes the if he had a son, said son would be caught with stolen property, repeatedly suspended from school, use drugs and have a hair trigger temper. Bill Maher:  What. A. Loser.

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Vetting Loretta Lynn

No wonder this country is going to hell in a hand basket; Loretta Lynn lied about her age!

Despite the many things we still don’t know about Barack Obama, the Associate Press has bigger fish to fry.

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Someone At ABC Didn’t Get The Memo

I was surprised yesterday when I saw an article on the ABC News website that was not only running with the headline, “Trayvon Martin Had Drugs in System, Autopsy Found,” but included a vaguely surly looking photo of a much more mature Trayvon than we’re used to seeing juxtaposed against a sympathetic photo of George Zimmerman.

I naively thought that, since various facts have come to light that reveal Trayvon may not have been quite the saint the media had tried to paint, that ABC was hoping to cover its ass retain whatever remains of it’s journalistic integrity. But I was wrong.

You may have noticed that, contrary to my usual practice, I haven’t linked the article I referenced above. That’s because it’s been removed from ABC’s website.

I can, however, prove that it existed.

The article remains MIA, but the photo of Trayvon has returned, this time paired with a different photo of Zimmerman and included in a new article (with a new headline) that does mention the drugs found in Tayvon’s system, but near the end of the article, rather than as the lede.

Current composite graphic.

 Compare that composite photo with the original.

Original composite graphic.

Kudos to ABC for sticking with the updated photo of Trayvon, but why go to the trouble of producing a new graphic? Could it be that George Zimmerman looks a little too innocent, a little too harmless, a little too likable in the original? (Note: There was at least one other graphic that accompanied the current article between the two shown here.)

And why bury the news that Trayvon had drugs in his system at the end of the article? Because ABC knows that a large percentage of readers don’t read past the headlines. That’s why the first article and it’s damning headline had to go. At this point the headlines, articles and photos have been switched around so many times, I’m a little confused, but the speed with which the original article, headline and graphic were removed from the website leave me with little doubt that they were found to be unacceptably at odds with the narrative the MSM has been at pains to draw.


Pew Study Illustrates Media Bias In Travon Martin Case

Trayvon and Zimmerman: The Structure and Elements of a Disinformation Campaign

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“Mensa Was Not At Panama City Beach”

The O’Reilly Factor’s Jesse Watters went on special assignment to spring break, or Panama City, to be exact, to ask college students to grade President Obama.

Watters’ World goes on spring break. (Sorry, Fox News video won’t embed…but click through and watch the video. The important part is at 3:46. Especially if you’re from the south. Just don’t forget to come back and read the rest of this post.)

Does this not perfectly illustrate the Northeastern elitist journalism bubble that we’ve all come to know and abhor? What is that even supposed to mean, “This is the SEC. You have University of Kentucky. You have University of Alabama.”

To his credit, O’Reilly sensed they were on shaky ground.

“No, no, no. You can’t disparage those schools,” he said, to which Watters replies, “I’m not. I’m just saying, Mensa was not at Panama City Beach.”

If Watters were a member of Mensa he would know that disparage means, “to speak of or treat slightingly; depreciate; belittle.” Which he clearly did do and tried to backpedal.

News flash for Jesse Watters! There aren’t enough Ivy League schools to accommodate all the smart kids. Also, not all the smart kids want to go to an Ivy League school and be forced to hang out with arrogant jerks like you.

Do you remember that old commercial for instant mashed potatoes? It went something like, “The good cook mashes and mashes her potatoes, the great cook uses a ricer, but the smart cook, blah, blah, blah…”

So, yeah, Jesse, there are plenty of smart cooks attending State Universities on full-ride academic scholarships. You can look down your nose at them all you want, but they’re going to graduate from college debt-free. How stupid are they going to look then? Maybe they weren’t at Panama City Beach because they were at home, studying, because that’s what smart people do.

What an bigoted, ignorant ass, you are, Jesse Watters. How dare you imply that the students at schools like Alabama and Kentucky – my daughter included – are a cohesive mass of blithering idiots? Puts me in mind of this.

Update 1:  Not everyone is as nice about this as I am, although this blogger did use a few descriptive terms that I seriously considered using for the first time ever.


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