Mere Coincidence Or Divine Retribution?

If you live in King County, Washington, you may have seen that some Metro buses are carrying a very special Christmas message.


Just as they did last year, with their obnoxious display at the State Capitol, the Freedom From Religion Foundation has chosen a sort of oafish insensitivity over reason as a means to make their statement of faith. Why else would they choose to paraphrase a much-loved defense of the faith and joy of the Christmas season, if not to offend Christians? (I notice that FFRF picks their targets carefully; I didn’t see any similarly offensive ads during Ramadan.)

But just like there’s no guarantee in the U.S. Constitution that life will be free from religion, there’s no guarantee that it will be free from offensive louts who think they’re being clever when really they’re just being boorish.

That’s why I just have to smile when things like this happen:


Heh. This is the front of one of the buses carrying the FFRF ad. Apparently, it was involved in a little “incident” with another vehicle this weekend. So I ask you, mere coincidence or divine retribution?


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5 responses to “Mere Coincidence Or Divine Retribution?

  1. God has a sense of humor as well.

  2. Ron

    There is a God. He’s spoken to me. I’ve heard his Voice. He’s spoken to many of us. And perhaps many others out there have heard his Voice as well. But sometimes you have to be in rather dire straits or pretty desperate situations to hear Him clearly. What did He say to me? To paraprhase, He said, “Don’t worry. Everything’s going to be alright.” And it was. Have you ever gone from complete despair to total joy in less than two seconds? I highly recommend it.

  3. “Why else would they choose to paraphrase a much-loved defense of the faith and joy of the Christmas season, if not to offend Christians?”

    That is obviously their particular goal, and many atheists would agree with you that it is childish and silly of the ffrf to do so.

    “So I ask you, mere coincidence or divine retribution?”

    So your god will cause a bus with an offensive message to crash, but allow millions of children to die of starvation and disease?

    That’s not a god I have any interest in serving even if I believed it existed.

    • paulag1955

      The question was tongue in cheek. As a transcriptionist for an insurance company, I am pretty sure that most accidents are due to the unlucky coincidence of two equally inattentive drivers having the misfortune of being in the same place at the same time.

  4. Neither, it would be an act of Justice (spoken with a small amount of sarcasm) since it ties in just the same.

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