Patty Murray Takes Her Business Elsewhere

Do you remember this abysmal display of ignorance by Senator Patty Murray from last December?

“I have stood on the line in Everett, Wash., where we have thousands of workers who go to work every day to build these planes. I would challenge anybody to tell me that they’ve stood on a line in Alabama and seen anybody building anything.”

Murray’s uninformed comment made it appear that she was unaware that Alabama has a strong manufacturing base; now it appears that she may also be unaware that Washington is home to any firms capable of designing and hosting a Web site.

A visit  to Murray’s campaign Web site today turned up this strange statement:

All contributions made through are regulated by California election law.

Weird, don’t you think? If not Federal law, why not Washington? As it turns out, Murray’s site is hosted by a California firm, Trilogy Interactive. Because, apparently, there’s not a single Washington firm good enough for Patty Murray. Stupid Washington yokels don’t know anything about that internet thingy. They might as well move to Alabama!

What’s the problem, Patty? It’s not as though you’ve objected to helping out Washington firms in the past.

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One response to “Patty Murray Takes Her Business Elsewhere

  1. DCG

    wow, unbelievable. Those running against her need to call this out in their campaign! Shameful that is of her…

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